Vacuum Pump Service

Certified Leybold Repair Facility

To ensure reliability and offer a remanufacturing that is as complete as possible, Intlvac will clean and disassemble the vacuum components with utmost care taking note of signs of wear and defects. Components are replaced with original spare parts and we replace anything that is defective or that might fail within a foreseeable period of time. Put your trust in our factory trained and certified technicians and complete the Service Request form to get started.

Remanufacture vs. Repair - What's the Difference?

There is a critical distinction between a rebuilt or repaired vacuum pump and one that has been remanufactured.

Rebuilt    Remanufactured 
Rebuilt is generally disassembled only to the point of failure
Rebuilds can use the same, new or often aftermarket parts
Rebuilds basically only fix what is broken

     • Remanufactured parts and components are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear and damage.
Any part not meeting original factory specifications are either recycled or remanufactured back to as-new specifications.
All wear-type parts such as seals, bushings, bearings, and gaskets are replaced 100% of the time with new genuine OEM parts.
All components are tested to the same stringent standards as new.
Remanufactured components feature the latest design enhancements to ensure that performance is equal to or better than the original part.


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