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Turbovac MAG Bearing Service Scope of Work



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ECODRY plus provides clean vacuum at maximum pumping speeds of 40 and 55 m3/h while creating the lowest noise level technically possible. It also delivers stable vacuum performance for up to 5 years (or 22,000 hours) without maintenance.

  • Clean: Frictionless technology (no particle generation); Best-in-class for water vapor capacity (300 or 500 g/h)
  • Quiet: <52 dBA noise rating; Low vibration <0.8 mm/s
  • Maintenance Free up to five years (or 22000 hours) - no oil changes required
  • Safe: CSA Approved
  • Features & Options: 40 and 55 m3/h pumping speed; 3x10-2 mbar ultimate pressure; Air-cooled; Flexible interfaces for remote-control; compact and easy to reposition; single phase 120V or 200-240V

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Turbovac MAG Bearing Turbo Pump

turbovac mag bearing serviceTurbovac MAG Bearing Turbo Pump Service Scope of Work

  • Decontamination and removal of toxic materials and safe disposal in accordance with regional and federal regulations
  • Expert evaluation and inspection
  • Standard cleaning of all working surfaces
  • Replacing of consumable parts such as o-rings, gaskets, vent and purge hardware, and shipping caps with new genuine OEM parts
  • Replacing, if necessary, sleeves, shaft bushing, stand or legs, water fittings, and inlet screens
  • Exchange of MAG bearing cartridge with a remanufactured unit
  • Reuse of rotors, stators, rings, shafts, bearing plates, and bushings, if in tolerance
  • Reset of onboard PK memory data, as appropriate
  • Check of motor operation
  • Expert reassembly
  • Leak testing to factory specifications
  • Speed and operational testing to the same stringent standards as new pumps
  • Relabeling
  • Return with a 12-month OEM warranty


  • Items not covered in the Standard Scope of Work include base flange, vacuum enclosures, rotors, stator discs, stator rings, shaft, coil housing, attached accessories, and missing parts.
  • Onboard, attached or provided frequency converters, power supplies, controllers and cables will be tested and quoted separate if service is required.

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