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Why the Affordable Trivac T is ideal for Your Laboratory Application

As universities and research labs make preparations for the fall season, cost effective equipment and supply solutions are top of mind. Intlvac stands ready to assist you in getting your lab up and running quickly by putting an affordable vacuum pump within your reach.
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Intlvac is Open!

Intlvac has taken action consistent with guidance from Health Canada as well as provincial and local authorities to ensure the safety and well being of our employees, customers and vendors.
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Top 5 Vacuum Pump Maintenance Tips to Optimize Productivity

You can get the most out of your pump investment and maximize its useful life by performing some regular maintenance on the unit. When it comes to preventative maintenance, many of these items you can do in-house and can save you from huge potential headaches down the road.
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Why You Need Dry Vacuum for Freeze Drying Applications

Many of today’s freeze dryers incorporate yesterday’s vacuum technology where you are likely to experience lost production due to downtime for service, maintenance, or slowed cycle time. Today’s vacuum technology can help reduce operating and maintenance costs with little to no downtime.
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History of Leybold and Vacuum Pump Technology

The history of Leybold spans a period of over 165 years. Innovative vacuum technology was continually put to use in order to make possible the customer’s applications and enable continuous progress. Take a look at the timeline to see how the development of vacuum technology has developed over more than a century.
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Making the Wet vs Dry Vacuum Pump Decision

Although oil-sealed vacuum pumps have been an industrial workhorse for decades, the proven advantages of dry vacuum pump technology are causing a shift in the industry.
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Explosion Risk Mitigation 101: Know Your Safety Regulations

From time to time Intlvac would like to offer our customers opportunities to learn about vacuum pumps beyond just the operation and maintenance aspects. Leybold’s Vacuum Academy is offering an information session with an in-house specialist to enhance your understanding and keep you apprised of issues that may concern your operation.
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Advantages of Leybonol Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) Fluid for your Leybold Vacuum Pump

In many applications, particularly those with high temperature or aggressive chemical environments, the use of synthetic lubricants like perfluoropolyether (PFPE) offers superior characteristics compared to mineral oil. PFPE fluids are free of additives, chemically inert, and thermally stable. If you are operating a Leybold vacuum pump, please consult us at Intlvac Inc to learn if your application is suitable for the use of PFPE fluid.
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Intlvac Welcomes Keith O’Halloran to Sales Team / Intlvac accueille Keith O’Halloran dans son équipe de vente

Intlvac Inc is pleased to welcome Keith O’Halloran to our sales team. Keith takes on the role of Technical Sales Representative who will be tasked with developing new business opportunities as well as nurturing existing client relationships throughout Quebec and Eastern Canada.
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Why your Leybold Vacuum Pump Deserves Genuine Replacement Parts

Your vacuum pump is a significant investment and one we are confident you will enjoy for years to come. Proper operation and maintenance are how you contribute to the long life of your system which is why we recommend the use of Genuine Leybold components for your vacuum pump repairs.
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Intlvac Welcomes David MacDonald to Inside Sales Team

Intlvac Inc is pleased to welcome David MacDonald as the latest addition to our team. David takes on the role of Inside Sales Representative, an integral part of the sales team that ensures smooth communication and solutions for our existing and developing customer base.
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Background Behavior and Measurement of Small Leak Rates with the PHOENIX Leak Detector

The smallest detectable leak rate of our PHOENIX leak detectors is 5x10-12 mbarl/s. How can these small leaks actually be measured and what internal background values can be perceived as “clean”?
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The Intlvac Vacuum Pump Repair Process

Your vacuum pump isn’t working. Or maybe it’s making a strange noise that you haven’t heard before. Perhaps the pump is functioning below the standard you are used to. Any one of these reasons might prompt you to call Intlvac to get your vacuum pump serviced.
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When Does My Pump Need Maintenance?

This is one question we get asked a lot at Intlvac. The short answer is ‘it depends’ meaning that there are a number of factors that impact the type and frequency of maintenance you need to perform.
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Intlvac Named Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce Large Business of the Year

In October 2017, Intlvac was honoured with the Large Business of the Year award presented by the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce. President, Dino Deligiannis, and a number of Intlvac staff enjoyed the festivities at the awards gala. We are humbled and proud to receive this recognition.
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