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Revolutionizing Pet Food Freeze Drying: The NOVADRY Advantage

In the world of pet food production, freeze drying stands as a pinnacle method for preserving nutrition and extending shelf life. However, this process poses unique challenges, particularly in vacuum systems where traditional oil-sealed pumps often struggle to maintain efficiency and reliability. Enter NOVADRY - the dry screw vacuum pump that is reshaping the landscape of freeze drying operations.
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How Does an Oil-Free Screw Vacuum Pump Work?

An oil-free screw is a type of vacuum pump that uses a pair of intermeshing screws, or rotors, to compress and evacuate gases. Unlike other types of vacuum pumps, oil-free screws do not use oil for lubrication or sealing. Instead, the rotors are designed and manufactured to operate without the need for oil, resulting in a clean and efficient vacuum pump that can handle high water vapor loads.
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17 Mar, 2023 | dry vacuum, screw vacuum pump, varodry |

6 Advantages Afforded to Companies Using Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps

Oil-free vacuum pumps and oil-sealed vacuum pumps are two common types of vacuum pumps that are used in many different applications. Oil-free vacuum pumps operate without the use of oil, while oil-sealed vacuum pumps use oil to lubricate and seal the moving parts of the pump.
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13 Dec, 2022 | oil free, vacuum pump |

Why all the buzz around dry vacuum technology?

"Dry technology" is a term that gets thrown around in the vacuum world quite a bit. But, what does that mean? And how can that benefit your process?
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Why the Affordable Trivac T is ideal for Your Laboratory Application

As universities and research labs make preparations for the fall season, cost effective equipment and supply solutions are top of mind. Intlvac stands ready to assist you in getting your lab up and running quickly by putting an affordable vacuum pump within your reach.
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Making the Wet vs Dry Vacuum Pump Decision

Although oil-sealed vacuum pumps have been an industrial workhorse for decades, the proven advantages of dry vacuum pump technology are causing a shift in the industry.
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Advantages of Leybonol Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) Fluid for your Leybold Vacuum Pump

In many applications, particularly those with high temperature or aggressive chemical environments, the use of synthetic lubricants like perfluoropolyether (PFPE) offers superior characteristics compared to mineral oil. PFPE fluids are free of additives, chemically inert, and thermally stable. If you are operating a Leybold vacuum pump, please consult us at Intlvac Inc to learn if your application is suitable for the use of PFPE fluid.
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Background Behavior and Measurement of Small Leak Rates with the PHOENIX Leak Detector

The smallest detectable leak rate of our PHOENIX leak detectors is 5x10-12 mbarl/s. How can these small leaks actually be measured and what internal background values can be perceived as “clean”?
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Select The Right Vacuum Pump for Food Processing and Packaging Applications

Selecting the right vacuum pump for your food processing and food packaging application can depend on a variety of factors. Let Intlvac help you decide which one is the best fit for you.
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9 Factors to Consider in Helium Leak Detector Selection

We all want to make the right equipment purchase choice. Not only to get value for our money but to minimize the time dealing with service issues or replacement parts. With years in the high vacuum industry, here is what we tell customers when they ask the right questions:
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