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History of Leybold and Vacuum Pump Technology

The history of Leybold spans a period of over 165 years. Innovative vacuum technology was continually put to use in order to make possible the customer’s applications and enable continuous progress. Take a look at the timeline to see how the development of vacuum technology has developed over more than a century.
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11 Jun, 2019 | leybold, history, vacuum pump history |

Intlvac Named Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce Large Business of the Year

In October 2017, Intlvac was honoured with the Large Business of the Year award presented by the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce. President, Dino Deligiannis, and a number of Intlvac staff enjoyed the festivities at the awards gala. We are humbled and proud to receive this recognition.
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20 Oct, 2017 | awards |

Leybold Simplifies Repairs and Maintenance through Augmented Reality

Leybold is the first vacuum pump manufacturer to test the diverse application possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR). While executing tasks, service technicians obtain useful additional information and graphical documentation, partly in 3D.
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15 Jun, 2017 |

ECODRY Plus - Intelligent Downsizing for Modern Analytics

The requirements for modern analytical instruments and systems are changing: users in laboratories and research facilities increasingly rely on low-noise, oil-free vacuum solutions to avoid contamination and, above all, unnecessary noise in laboratory environments.
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10 Mar, 2017 | research, laboratory, vacuum pump |

50 Years of High Vacuum Technology Excellence

Intlvac Delivers High Vacuum Systems for Physical Vapor Deposition and Ion Beam Milling and has become a key innovator in the Canadian high vacuum market.
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09 Feb, 2017 |

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