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Revolutionizing Pet Food Freeze Drying: The NOVADRY Advantage

In the world of pet food production, freeze drying stands as a pinnacle method for preserving nutrition and extending shelf life. However, this process poses unique challenges, particularly in vacuum systems where traditional oil-sealed pumps often struggle to maintain efficiency and reliability. Enter NOVADRY - the dry screw vacuum pump that is reshaping the landscape of freeze drying operations.
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History of Leybold and Vacuum Pump Technology

The history of Leybold spans a period of over 165 years. Innovative vacuum technology was continually put to use in order to make possible the customer’s applications and enable continuous progress. Take a look at the timeline to see how the development of vacuum technology has developed over more than a century.
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11 Jun, 2019 | leybold, history, vacuum pump history |

Why your Leybold Vacuum Pump Deserves Genuine Replacement Parts

Your vacuum pump is a significant investment and one we are confident you will enjoy for years to come. Proper operation and maintenance are how you contribute to the long life of your system which is why we recommend the use of Genuine Leybold components for your vacuum pump repairs.
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