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Maintaining Your Screwline Vacuum Pump

The Screwline vacuum pump was designed with industrial applications in mind and emphasis was placed on a simple maintenance concept.
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Select The Right Vacuum Pump for Food Processing and Packaging Applications

Selecting the right vacuum pump for your food processing and food packaging application can depend on a variety of factors. Let Intlvac help you decide which one is the best fit for you.
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Leybold Simplifies Repairs and Maintenance through Augmented Reality

Leybold is the first vacuum pump manufacturer to test the diverse application possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR). While executing tasks, service technicians obtain useful additional information and graphical documentation, partly in 3D.
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9 Factors to Consider in Helium Leak Detector Selection

We all want to make the right equipment purchase choice. Not only to get value for our money but to minimize the time dealing with service issues or replacement parts. With years in the high vacuum industry, here is what we tell customers when they ask the right questions:
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How to Choose The Right Vacuum Pump Oil

One of the keys to keeping your vacuum pump in good working order is ensuring that it is operated properly and that the lubricating oil or fluid used in its operation meets the full requirements of the pump.
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ECODRY Plus - Intelligent Downsizing for Modern Analytics

The requirements for modern analytical instruments and systems are changing: users in laboratories and research facilities increasingly rely on low-noise, oil-free vacuum solutions to avoid contamination and, above all, unnecessary noise in laboratory environments.
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50 Years of High Vacuum Technology Excellence

Intlvac Delivers High Vacuum Systems for Physical Vapor Deposition and Ion Beam Milling and has become a key innovator in the Canadian high vacuum market.
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Consequences of Long Storage for Sogevac Pumps

As it is written in the SOGEVAC instruction manual, every SOGEVAC stored in a static position for more than one year at 20°C can get into trouble because the ball bearings can be damaged and the shaft seals can stick onto the shaft seal sleeves, leading to a rubber tearing at first starting, thus creating an oil leak.
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Vacuum Pump Oil Change 101

Changing your rotary vane vacuum pump oil is essential, but when should you do it? We discuss some general guidelines, oil identification tips and a general recommended process to follow.
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