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50 Years of High Vacuum Technology Excellence

Intlvac Delivers High Vacuum Systems for Physical Vapor Deposition and Ion Beam Milling and has become a key innovator in the Canadian high vacuum market.
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09 Feb, 2017 |

Consequences of Long Storage for Sogevac Pumps

As it is written in the SOGEVAC instruction manual, every SOGEVAC stored in a static position for more than one year at 20°C can get into trouble because the ball bearings can be damaged and the shaft seals can stick onto the shaft seal sleeves, leading to a rubber tearing at first starting, thus creating an oil leak.
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17 Nov, 2016 |

Vacuum Pump Oil Change 101

Changing your rotary vane vacuum pump oil is essential, but when should you do it? We discuss some general guidelines, oil identification tips and a general recommended process to follow.
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16 Mar, 2016 |
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