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Revolutionizing Pet Food Freeze Drying: The NOVADRY Advantage

In the world of pet food production, freeze drying stands as a pinnacle method for preserving nutrition and extending shelf life. However, this process poses unique challenges, particularly in vacuum systems where traditional oil-sealed pumps often struggle to maintain efficiency and reliability. Enter NOVADRY - the dry screw vacuum pump that is reshaping the landscape of freeze drying operations.
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How Does an Oil-Free Screw Vacuum Pump Work?

An oil-free screw is a type of vacuum pump that uses a pair of intermeshing screws, or rotors, to compress and evacuate gases. Unlike other types of vacuum pumps, oil-free screws do not use oil for lubrication or sealing. Instead, the rotors are designed and manufactured to operate without the need for oil, resulting in a clean and efficient vacuum pump that can handle high water vapor loads.
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17 Mar, 2023 | dry vacuum, screw vacuum pump, varodry |

Drying Cannabis for THC & CBD Oil Extraction

How involved is vacuum in the drying process for cannabis? Take a look at this blog post from Leybold that highlights the most common drying methods used in the extraction and distillation of cannabis.
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Why You Need Dry Vacuum for Freeze Drying Applications

Many of today’s freeze dryers incorporate yesterday’s vacuum technology where you are likely to experience lost production due to downtime for service, maintenance, or slowed cycle time. Today’s vacuum technology can help reduce operating and maintenance costs with little to no downtime.
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Making the Wet vs Dry Vacuum Pump Decision

Although oil-sealed vacuum pumps have been an industrial workhorse for decades, the proven advantages of dry vacuum pump technology are causing a shift in the industry.
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