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Revolutionizing Pet Food Freeze Drying: The NOVADRY Advantage

In the world of pet food production, freeze drying stands as a pinnacle method for preserving nutrition and extending shelf life. However, this process poses unique challenges, particularly in vacuum systems where traditional oil-sealed pumps often struggle to maintain efficiency and reliability. Enter NOVADRY - the dry screw vacuum pump that is reshaping the landscape of freeze drying operations.
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Revolutionizing Freeze Drying with Oil-Free Vacuum Technology

Freeze drying, also known as lyophilization, is a crucial process in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food preservation, and research laboratories. The success of this method often hinges on the efficiency and reliability of the vacuum system used.
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Understanding the Right Vacuum Pump for Your Food Application

Various food processing applications require diverse vacuum pump attributes and they can differ a great deal. With such a vast array of vacuum pump options on the market, the question is how to evaluate suitability for your specific needs?
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Why You Need Dry Vacuum for Freeze Drying Applications

Many of today’s freeze dryers incorporate yesterday’s vacuum technology where you are likely to experience lost production due to downtime for service, maintenance, or slowed cycle time. Today’s vacuum technology can help reduce operating and maintenance costs with little to no downtime.
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