DIP® 50000

Product# 500728

Pumping Speed for air [Torr]: 50000 l/s

Operating Fluid: N.A

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DIP oil diffusion pumps are high vacuum pumps without any rotating parts.The pumping action of these fluid entrainment pumps in general is based on the transporting capacity of the vapour jet. Compared to other high vacuum pumps the pumping speed of diffusion pumps is extremely high with respect to the in-take area.The operating pressure range varies from 10-2 mbar and 10-7 mbar (0.75•10-2 torr and 0.75•10-7 torr). The pumping speed depending of the pump size from  3000 l/s bis hin zu 50000 l/s. The LEYBOJET pump is equipped with an additional ejector nozzle for obtaining a stable pumping speed into the medium vacuum range. 


60 Hz

Pumping Speed for air [Torr]:


50000 l/s

Ultimate total pressure:


< 5.0 x 10-7 mbar (< 3.8 x 10-7 Torr)

Intake Connections [ISO-K]:


DN 1000 ISO-F

Exhaust Connections [ISO-K]:


DN 160 ISO-K

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