DIJ 10, 3-ph, 460V, Y-Plug, 10" ANSI

Product# 22213V001

Stable high vacuum, high critical backing pressure capability

Pumping speed: 2,800 to 28,000 l/s

Operating range: <10-2 to 10-5 mbar



Most innovative heating concept utilizing newly developed heater cartridges with large heat exchange surface for an optimized energy transfer into the oil. Effective temperature monitoring protects the system against overheating. The insulated heater area ensures minimum energy losses.
+ Minimum stress and longest lifetime for heaters and oil
+ Highest uptime
+ Flanged heaters, easy to exchange


DIJ Oil Diffusion Pump Advantages
Prolonged maintenance intervals, non-wearing, high safety standard.
■ High and stable throughput at pressures >10-3 mbar
■ High forevacuum tolerance
■ High pumping speed
■ Safe and economical
■ CE compliant electronics supplied
■ No wear caused by moving parts
■ Simple to operate
■ Maintenance friendly design for rapid and simple replacement of heating elements
■ Wide range of accessories available
■ Innovative ECO Energy control unit (ROI





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