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Pressure Management

vacuum measurementvacuum measurementThe total range of vacuum pressure accessible to measurement extends from atmospheric pressure (about 1000 mbar (750 Torr)) down to 10 -12 mbar/Torr, i.e. it extends over 15 powers of ten. The instruments used for measuring the pressure within this wide range are called vacuum gauges. For physical reasons it is not possible to create a single vacuum sensor through which it might be possible to perform quantitative measurements within the entire pressure range. Therefore a variety of different vacuum gauges are available, each with their own characteristic measurement range which commonly extends over several powers of ten.

Intlvac offers a wide variety of pressure management devices including:

- Mechanical gauges

- Handheld measurement instruments

- Active Sensors / Transmitters

- Ultra high vacuum operating units

- Passive Sensors

- Pressure switches and control instruments

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