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piezovac pv 101The digital PIEZOVAC PV 101 and THERMOVAC TM 101 combine high-quality sensor technology with modern processor technology in a handy design. Owing to their battery mode, the devices can be attached and operated at any pressure measuring point, and directly display or store up to 2,000 values for later evaluations and visualizations. All data values stored can be exported and displayed on a computer via USB link and by means of the optional VacuGraph software. The software is especially useful for setting up the devices or calculating rises in pressure for detecting rough leaks. A carrying case providing space for all required accessories and for storing and transport protection is enclosed with the device and the software.

Typical Applications:

  • Versatile deployment with a vacuum pump and vacuum plant servicing
  • Comparative measurements of fixed pressure gauges
  • Direct measuring inside vacuum vessels or vacuum packs
  • Measuring of rough leaks after maintenance services

Advantages of PV 101 and TM 101

  • Direct display of measured values; other monitoring devices are not necessary
  • Developed for deployments in demanding environments
  • Versatile deployment due to the mains-independent power supply
  • High precision measurements of all common gases
  • Export and analysis of stored measurement values via USB interface
  • Online analysis of measurement values via USB interface

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