pfpe oilPerfluoropolyether (PFPE) oils are only composed of carbon (C), fluorine (F) and oxygen (O) atoms. The existing C-O and C-F bonds are highly stable. For this reason PFPE oils are practically inert against all chemical and oxidizing influences. Some notable PFPE properties include: 

•Chemically inert
•Free of additives
•Thermally stable
•Low vapor pressure
•Low volatility
•Good viscosity index
•Wide operating temperature range
•Good radiation stability
•CFC-free and Ozone friendly
•Low toxicity
•No flash or fire point

Examples of use:

Pumping of strong oxidants like oxygen, ozone or nitrous oxides, as well as reactive substances like halogens, hydrogen halides and conditionally Lewis acids. If you are operating a Leybold vacuum pump, please contact us at Intlvac Inc to learn if your application is suitable for the use of PFPE fluid.

Download this Oil Selection Guide to help you determine the right lubricant for your needs or contact us at sales@intlvac.ca. Ready to purchase? Visit our online store and place your order now.

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