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Vacuum Valves

Intlvac Represents VAT Vacuum Valve in Canada

VAT UHV gate valvevat valveIntlvac is pleased to announce that we are now the new VAT Vacuum Valve representatives for Canada. We invite you to contact us for any VAT Vacuum Valve sales or service questions.

VAT is a worldwide leader in high-performance, high-end vacuum valve technology headquartered in Switzerland with a global manufacturing footprint. VAT’s products and services can be found in semiconductor, display and solar panel manufacturing as well as in a wide range of industry and research applications.

Learn more about VAT Vacuum Valves and the wide array of valves they provide. Call Intlvac at (800) 959-5517 with inquiries

vat pendulum valve   vat valve installed

Before and after installing the VAT pendulum valve on Intlvac's latest NANOCHROME IV Thin Film Deposition with Electron Beam Evaporation System.

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The long-standing experience of Leybold Vacuum in the area of vacuum engineering is reflected in the selection and the design of the valves and vacuum protection components for a wide variety of applications. The range of products is such that a reliable solution can be offered for every vacuum engineering application. Many years of service and the reliability of the valves is ensured by design.

The range of Leybold Vacuum valves comprises:

- Small Valves of the "micro" Range - Right Angle, Straight-Through, Bellows-Sealed, with manual, pneumatic, electropneumatic and electromagnetic drives (DN 10 ISO-KF, 1/4" tube and 6mm tube adaptors available with each micro valve)

- Right-angle and Straight-Through Valves with DN 16 to 40 ISO-KF flanges, Bellows-Sealed, with manual, pneumatic, electropneumatic and electromagnetic drives

- Right-Angle Valves with DN 63 to 250 ISO-K flanges with handwheel or electropneumatic drives, bellows-sealed

- Specialty Valves with ISO-KF/ISO-K/CF flanges, such as vacuum safety valves, venting valves, power failure venting valves, vacuum locks, sealing valves, variable leak valves, and ball valves

- Gate valves from a nominal width of DN 16 to 250 with various flange types 

It is our aim to meet customer requirements by offering a wide range of components available with different driving systems. If you are interested in vacuum valves, complete the Contact Us form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.



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