Distillation Processing

varodryHow much time do you waste changing your oil, due to poor pump performance from contaminated oil?

Imagine reducing your maintenance to 30 minutes a year, processing more product and increasing your profitability. The VARODRY is an oil-free, reliable, and efficient dry screw pump designed for maximum uptime and superior performance in rough applications. 



screwlineAre you a Major League Processor?

Think big and swing for the Titan of pumps! The SCREWLINE is the only air-cooled, field-cleanable screw pump on the market. It offers world class reliability and pumping speed that simplifies your vacuum system. 



turbovacAre you still using a Diffusion pump, changing oil and potentially contaminating your product from back streaming?

How much time is being wasted waiting for the Diffusion pump to reach operating temperatures and cool down? The Leybold TURBOVAC series offers an oil-free, high-throughput solution for maximum uptime, increased productivity and profitability.



scrollvacHow many diaphragm pumps do you replace annually on Rotor Vaporizers?

Why waste time and money when there is a more robust solution? The SCROLLVAC plus is an oil-free, industrial pumping solution that was built to increase performance and reliability in the most demanding applications. 



Did You Know?

Vacuum is used in almost every aspect of cannabis processing

Get your flower or bulk material ready to ship or extract in hours, rather than days, by vacuum drying.

Rotary Vaporizers
Most rotary vaporizers currently use diaphragm pumps or rotary vane pumps. A high-capacity, oil-free pump can run for a year without the need for maintenance or repair. Reduce your cycle time in your rotary vaporizer by running at lower pressures and higher pumping speeds.

Short Path Distillation
Diffusion pumps have almost zero pumping speed at 10 microns inlet pressure. If you want high throughput, use a turbo pump and get 50 times or more performance at 10 microns. Larger industrial roughing pumps allow much higher feed rates during terpene removal. Don't throw away kilograms of production every time you need to change oil. Upgrade to oil free and see your revenue soar!

Applications Support
Let our vacuum experts model your current vacuum system to help guide you to your perfect vacuum solutions and achieving your precise specifications.


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