EcoDRY Plus

The Latest in Whisper Quiet Vacuum Technology

ecodry plusThe ECODRY plus is a newly developed family of dry-compression multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps, which sets new standards in noise reduction. The pumps have been specially designed for use in quiet and clean environments, such as analysis and research laboratories. ECODRY plus provide clean vacuum at maximum pumping speeds of 40 and 55 m³/h while creating the lowest noise level technically possible. They deliver stable vacuum performance for many years without maintenance.

The pumps are based on the multi-stage Roots pumping principle with two contactless rotating rotors turning in opposite direction. Through their rotation the gas is moved from the inlet to the exhaust. By the effect of multiple pumping stages the gas is compressed from medium vacuum range to ambient pressure.

This quiet vacuum is an ideal choice for applications such as:

  • Research laboratoryvisit store
  • As a backing pump for turbomolecular pump systems

For more information, contact sales@intlvac.ca or visit our online store.


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