The Ideal Vacuum Pump for Food Processing & Packaging

NOVADRYVacuum is an important and widely used utility in the food industry. Until now, oil sealed rotary vane pumps were the norm. To avoid the risk of pump oil contaminating a work space (or worse, your food) Leybold has developed the NOVADRY, a 100% oil free vacuum pump. This pump is an ideal solution for food processing and packaging.

The robust Novadry will maximize uptime by reducing maintenance requirements. The only consumables, belt and bearings, are optimized for serviceability and extended service intervals. Combine this with the energy-efficient design and high performance and you can see why it is a perfect solution for your food processing and packaging needs.

Vacuum Pumps and Equipment Sanitation

On many plant floors, vacuum pumps are placed directly next to processing and packaging lines. this makes sense for work flow. It does, however, allow for increased exposure of cleaning materials to the pump. Over time, this can result in deterioration. The Novadry can be installed with a Hygienic Enclosure protecting the pump and improving flexibility in where the pump can be positioned.

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