phoenix quadroThe PHOENIX Quadro is a portable helium detector, which can be used in many different applications. The accurate measuring system and the intuitive operation of the PHOENIX Quadro ensure simple and highly reliable leak detection. With fast operational readiness and extremely short response times, the PHOENIX Quadro enables you to quickly complete the task. Convenient remote control via smartphone or tablet are available without software installation.

Typical applications where you might use the PHOENIX Quadro helium leak detector include:

  • Refrigerating and air conditioning industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Analytical instruments
  • Systems manufacture
  • Power station engineering
  • visit storeResearch and development

  • Semiconductor industry
  • High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum engineering
  • Industrial series production testing

For more information about the PHOENIX Quadro helium leak detector, download the brochure below, contact us at sales@intlvac.ca or visit our online store.                                     

Brochure and Video

phoenix brochure


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