Sogevac NEO D

Reliable vacuum is indispensable to numerous applications across a variety of industries. The SOGEVAC NEO D can operate continuously at any inlet pressure and features the same sturdy industrial design as other members of the SOGEVAC series. The latest generation of SOGEVAC rotary vane vacuum pumps is suitable for all dual-stage pump applications. Reliable, high-performance vacuum technology not only gets the job done, but also contributes to a better work environment with less noise and fewer emissions.

The SOGEVAC NEO D features an integrated exhaust filter that eliminates oil emissions and oil loss while pumping down. This built-in filtration reduces the required integration volume of the pump and ensures a clean environment without oil smoke or loss while pumping down. The result is up to 100 times less oil loss compared to competitor’s pumps.

Typical applications where one might find the SOGEVAC NEO D vacuum pump include:

  • Analytical Instruments
  • visit storeSterilization
  • Glove boxes
  • Research & Development
  • Heat treatment & plasma processes

For more information on the SOGEVAC NEO D vacuum pump, contact us at sales@intlvac.ca or visit our online store.

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sogevac neo d

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