How old is your Polycold? 

WARNING: several legacy Polycold models can no longer be serviced due to use of HCFC refrigerants. 

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The Polycold MaxCool Cryochiller effectively captures water vapour, which comprises 65% to 95% of the residual gas in high vacuum systems. Water vapour is typically the most reactive contaminant present. With the MaxCool Cryochiller, you can expect to increase product throughput in your existing system 20% to 100% and improve quality of deposition.

Due to HCFC regulations, we will no longer be able to service any Polycold products containing HCFC refrigerants nor will HCFC refrigerants be sold by Intlvac. In addition, HCFC and systems using it will no longer be eligible for import into Canada. For more details on Global Refrigerant Compliance, click here.  

For a detailed list of Polycold part numbers affected, please click here.

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