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MaxCool 4000H Cryochiller



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ECODRY plus provides clean vacuum at maximum pumping speeds of 40 and 55 m3/h while creating the lowest noise level technically possible. It also delivers stable vacuum performance for up to 5 years (or 22,000 hours) without maintenance.

  • Clean: Frictionless technology (no particle generation); Best-in-class for water vapor capacity (300 or 500 g/h)
  • Quiet: <52 dBA noise rating; Low vibration <0.8 mm/s
  • Maintenance Free up to five years (or 22000 hours) - no oil changes required
  • Safe: CSA Approved
  • Features & Options: 40 and 55 m3/h pumping speed; 3x10-2 mbar ultimate pressure; Air-cooled; Flexible interfaces for remote-control; compact and easy to reposition; single phase 120V or 200-240V

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MaxCool 4000H Cryochiller

maxcoolThe Polycold MaxCool 4000H cryochiller effectively captures water vapor, which comprises 65% to 95% of the residual gas in high vacuum systems. Water vapor is typically the most reactive contaminant present. With the MaxCool Cryochiller, you can expect to increase product throughput in your existing system 20% to 100% and improve quality of deposition.

The MaxCool Advantage

  • High-vacuum pumpdown time cut by up to 75%
  • High-speed pumping of water vapor: 10,000 to 220,000 l/sec in the workspace
  • Increased product throughput of 20% to 100%
  • Lower water vapor partial pressure during processing for higher film quality, better adhesion and more reproducible deposition
  • Superior in cost/performance to liquid nitrogen cooled Meissners
  • Minimize cost of ownership with power management
  • High capacity cooling and heating for a wide variety of processes

When added to your vacuum system, the MaxCool Cryochiller can dramatically reduce pumpdown times and increase product throughput. The MaxCool will pump water vapor within minutes from “start” and can defrost in less than four minutes, giving true fast-cycle capability. It also has an option called Rapid Cool to Cool which eliminates the waiting period after defrost. For your system, this means more production cycles per shift.

Using patented Polycold® refrigerant mixtures, the MaxCool works on the principle of Meissner trapping. Water vapor is captured by condensation on a cryogenically cooled surface, called a Meissner coil. The Meissner (cryocoil) is mounted directly in the vacuum chamber so conductance is not limited by ports, manifolds, valves, and baffles. The cryocoil is easy to install and can be adapted to fit any system.

It does not need a high vacuum valve.visit store
MaxCool Cryochillers are the most cost effective upgrade that you can add to any diffusion-pumped, turbo-pumped, or helium-cryopumped system. 

MaxCool Cryochillers are compliant with European Application Refrigerants (EC 1005/2009), the Montreal Protocol, and the US EPA SNAP.

For more information on MaxCool Cryochillers, contact sales@intlvac.ca or visit our online store.

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