Residual Gas Analyzer

Reduce Software Aggravation with Leybold's LEYSPEC RGA

leyspecA truly out-of-the-box, plug and play Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) that does not need a connection to a computer to operate. The Leybold LEYSPEC offers a simplicity of design and ability to install and use that makes it ideal for laboratory and university environments. The LEYSPEC built-in, easy-to-use digital interface makes it a breeze to configure and get readings right away.


LEYSPEC software enables a wide range of applications, from simple operations to complex analyses. Additional test procedures and functionalities are pre-installed, such as the helium leak test or the setting of warnings and error limits for certain gases.


With high bake-out temperatures of up to 300C, the LEYSPEC is well suited for high and ultra-high vacuum applications and can provide reliable analysis even under harsh conditions. The LEYSPEC family combines the greatest sensitivity with intuitive software for the most accurate results in basic and advanced test procedures.


The LEYSPEC uses a different yttrium coated indium filament that offers much longer lifetime compared to other RGA filaments that use Tungsten or Iridium. In addition, LEYSPEC is compact in size and can be mounted in any orientation making it easily adaptable to most built-in configurations.


To learn more about how the LEYSPEC can fit into your lab or research environment, contact sales@intlvac.ca

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