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The RUVAC WA series Roots vacuum pumps use flange-mounted, air-cooled standard three phase motors. The oiled radial sealing rings of the RUVAC WA for sealing the shaft against the atmosphere are made of FPM (FKM) (fluor polymer). Roots vacuum pumps of the series RUVAC WAU are provided with an additional integrated pressure equalization line and a differential pressure valve. Pumps from these series are supplied with a vertical pumping action as standard.


Typical applications for RUVAC vacuum pumps include:

  • heat treatment
  • furnaces visit store
  • metallurgy
  • large area coating
  • architectural glass coating industry
  • manufacture of semiconductors and solar cells

To learn more about the RUVAC line of Roots vacuum pumps, contact sales@intlvac.ca or visit our online store.

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