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Active bearing Management

In order to ensure maximum reliability and bearing life the TURBOVAC 850 i(X) and TURBOVAC 950 i(X) have an integrated system to manage the bearing condition

  • The status is indicated by a blue LED on the pump
  • If the pump is stored without being run for more than 12 months "Bearing Run in Mode" (BRIM) is triggered the next time the pump is started to condition the bearing
  • If the pump is stored for more than 3 years, the pump will indicate a bearing change is required before the pump is run
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Why Turbovac i(X)?

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Performance Comparison

Is your current pump falling short of your performance requirements? Consider trading up to a new Turbovac 850 i(X) or 950 i(X). Call Intlvac at 800-959-5517 or email sales@intlvac.ca for details.
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Difference between i and iX

i and iXAll TURBOVAC i / iX pumps are equipped with integrated drive electronics with 24 V/48 V power supply which controls the amount of drive power and which monitors all pump functions. Owing to the many possible combinations the TURBOVAC i / iX can be flexibly adapted to the specific application in each case.

In comparison with the TURBOVAC i, the TURBOVAC iX is equipped with an integrated vacuum system control unit that drives accessory components like a vacuum gauge, valves, fans, and forevacuum. The TURBOVAC iX is your complete high vacuum pumping system and comes in various flange configurations.


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