turbovac i ixThe Leybold Vacuum product line TURBOVAC i /iX with integrated drive electronics provides best pumping performance on ISO 100 and 160 flange size. It allows easiest pump integration, operation and control thanks to flexible housing and electronic options and a flexible range of accessories. The variable rotor and drag stage design makes the TURBOVAC iX the right choice for UHV applications and compact pump systems. TURBOVAC iX is especially suited to be operated with small backing pumps. The unique oil free hybrid bearing system is characterized by its extreme reliability and durability. This is achieved by an integrated lifetime lubrication system that never needs an oil change.

The TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pump is ideal for such applications as:

  • R&D mass spectrometry
  • electron microscopy
  • surface analysis
  • x-ray analysis 
  • laboratory coating systems
  • UHV systems
  • proton therapy
  • production of high quality implants
  • PVD optical coatings
  • CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc production
  • and more....

For more information about the TURBOVAC i/iX turbomolecular pump, contact us at sales@intlvac.ca or visit our online store.

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