Custom Vacuum Systems

Custom Vacuum Systems

leybold system

Intlvac works with clients to develop Custom Vacuum Systems based on specific customer requirements. Solutions provided range from custom bundling of products and services to managing additional processes and enhancements. We are committed to exceeding your expectations in the development and delivery of custom vacuum engineering technology.

Let Intlvac help craft the solution that meets your specific needs. Contact us at (905) 873-0166 or (800) 959-5517 to get started.

Plasma / Ion Nitriding Systems

plasma ion nitridingPlasma / Ion Nitriding is used to improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, fatigue life, and corrosion resistance of parts made of steel, cast iron, titanium and aluminum alloys. Plasma / ion nitriding is a method with vast possibilities, suitable for treating parts with very complex shapes and geometries.

In the plasma / ion nitriding process, the treated parts actively participate in the glow discharge. The parts act as a cathode while the chamber acts as an anode. The process is cost effective producing results with excellent wear resistance, no distortion and reproducible results.

Applications of Plasma / Ion Nitriding

• Automotive and aircraft industry
• Metal casting and moldin industry
• Aluminum industry
• Forging industry
• Plastics industry
• Machine building
• Powder metallurgy
• Power engineering

To learn more about the advantages of plasma / ion nitriding over conventional gas nitriding, visit ionitech.com

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