What's Your Pump Worth?

What is My Vacuum Pump Worth?

what is my pump worth


It's been established that a well-built oil-sealed rotary pump will hold onto a lot of its value for over a decade when it is maintained properly. With that said, there comes a time when it is worth considering an upgrade to the latest technology to reap the benefits of lower power consumption, better vacuum performance, low oil-backstreaming, and more. At Intlvac, we strive to help our customers upgrade to the most advanced vacuum technology by offering a trade-in credit to lower the up-front cost associated with new vacuum equipment.

By completing this form and answering a few simple questions, you will be contacted via email and given a free appraisal to determine the trade-in value of your vacuum pump. Once you've received your appraisal you can apply this credit towards any vacuum pump in our product line from Leybold Vacuum.

EcoDry Trade-In Promotion

EcoDry Trade-In promotion

DK200 / E250 Trade-In Promotion

dk200 e250 trade in program

Varodry Trade-In Promotion

varodry trade in promo

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