Oil-Sealed Rotary Piston Pump (E & DK) Standard Service Scope of Work

rotary piston pump service

  • Decontamination and removal of toxic materials and safe disposal in accordance with regional and federal regulations
  • Expert evaluation and inspection
  • Standard cleaning of all working surfaces
  • Replacing of consumable parts such as o-rings, gaskets, oil filters, and shipping caps with new genuine OEM parts
  • Replacing wear items such as shaft seals and bearings with new genuine OEM parts
  • Replacing, if necessary, sight glasses, motor couplings, dirt traps, exhaust valves, gas ballast assemblies, and pistons
  • Reuse of rotors, gears, cams, slide valves, bearing plates, exhaust box, and main housing, if in tolerance
  • Check of motor operation and rotational lock bearings (if sent with pump)
  • Expert reassembly
  • Testing to the same stringent standards as new pumps
  • Return with a 12-month OEM warranty


  • For pumps using hydrocarbon oil, a charge of LEYBONOL hydrocarbon oil will be shipped inside the pump 
  • For pumps using PFPE oil, pumps will be tested with LEYBONOL PFPE but will be shipped without oil.


  • Items not covered in the Standard Scope of Work include motor repair or replacement, gears, gear box, cams, slide valves, exhaust box, main housing, PFPE fluid if shipped back with unit to be repaired, attached accessories, and missing parts.

vacuum pump service

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If you would like to send your rotary piston pump in for service evaluation, please complete our Service Request Form or view our complete Vacuum Pump Service instructions. We will contact you within 24 hours. 

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